Stillness Meditation and the Breath


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For centuries meditation practices using the breath have been an important means of quieting the mind, relaxing the body and entering a deeper experience. The Buddha and other great spiritual emissaries throughout history have given teachings on the use of the breath in meditation.

As we begin the New Year let us explore a practice new to our world but timeless in its origins. Today the Teachings and Great Practices of the New Message from God speak to an honored truth and an ancient method of calming, quieting and clearing the mind.

We practice these techniques to enter stillness; the most fundamental of the Great Practices of the New Message, for in stillness all things can be known. In stillness we begin to engage with Knowledge and the unseen, but permanent reality– a place of innate knowing and true union. Humanity is facing a monumental threshold and will need to access stillness for guidance and direction. Stillness is completely relevant for the needs of today.

Once engaged in stillness we can listen to and take guidance and counsel from this Great Source. Through stillness and inner listening we learn to engage with others more meaningfully and avoid that which is not meant for our engagement. It can save us from the cost of poor decisions and lead us to right action.

Here are the words of Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing on stillness and the breath:

Step 8 Begin by taking three deep breaths and then focusing on an internal point. It may be an imaginary point or it may be a point in your physical body. With eyes closed, simply give this your full attention, without judgment and evaluation. Do not be discouraged if early attempts prove difficult. Beginning anything important in life can be difficult at first, but if you persist, you will achieve this great goal, for in stillness all things can be known.

Step 19 Allow your mind to become very still. Breathe deeply and regularly as you gaze upon an object. Allow your mind to settle down into itself.

Step 32 …sit quietly with your eyes closed, breathing deeply and regularly, attempting to feel the truth beyond the constant restlessness of your mind. Use your breath to take you deeper, for your breathing will always take you beyond your thoughts if you adhere yourself to it conscientiously. Let nothing distract or dissuade you.

Step 36 …concentrate in meditation upon feeling the presence of your Spiritual Teachers. This is not something you have to try to do. It simply means relaxing, breathing and allowing your mind to open.The quality of your relationship with your Teachers is essential to give you strength and encouragement, for you may justly doubt your own skills, but you have good cause to fully trust the skills of your Teachers who have passed this way before on their way to Knowledge. They know the way, which they are seeking now to share with you.

Step 71 Sitting silently and breathing deeply, let yourself truly feel the presence of love, which signifies the presence of a greater purpose in your life.

Step 81 Dedicate yourself to stillness and receptivity. By now, you are beginning to learn how to prepare yourself for stillness—using your breath, concentrating your mind, relinquishing thoughts and reminding yourself that you are worthy of such an effort.

Step 129 If you will be still, breathe deeply and not weave fantasies—neither happy fantasies nor fearful fantasies—you will begin to experience what is actually there. Your Teachers are actually there. And today you can practice being with them.

Step 263 …return to being with Knowledge, in humility and simplicity, in stillness and in silence. Breathe Knowledge in. Allow Knowledge to enter and fill your body. Allow yourself to be immersed in Knowledge and all things will become clear, for with Knowledge all things become clear and all questions disappear.

Step 323 Indeed, even in your preparation now you are teaching Knowledge, and you are strengthening Knowledge in the world. Perhaps you cannot yet see this, but in time this will become so evident to you that you will learn to value every moment, every encounter with another, every thought and every breath.

To the Messenger and to the People of the World

“It has been my privilege and my gift to have come to know Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger of the New Message from God.

I recognize that he embodies something remarkable, something so profound that is beyond what is comprehended, or what I have comprehended, in my life in the world… just trying to make… make my way in the world.

He embodies Wisdom from beyond the world and that Wisdom is in turn embodied in the New Message from God. Every Teaching, every Revelation, all of the Sacred Texts hold such great Wisdom. And of course, the core text, Steps to Knowledge… which is the actual set of spiritual practices that brings us to this threshold of even, kind of approaching what Marshall Vian Summers carries within him.

And, I have heard repeatedly, him state that the Message is always more important than the Messenger.

And that, what I have also come to understand, is that, what he has achieved, we have the opportunity to also achieve that as well. Not to the same degree of course, because he is bringing the entire New Revelation into the world. But we have the same opportunity in reclaiming our inherent Knowledge and our relationship with the Divine.

That we can do. We can walk with the Messenger in that regard. That is one of the promises of Steps to Knowledge and the promise of the New Message from God, that the potential within us can be realized and experienced.

It is this that will serve the world, when more people awaken to the potential of Knowledge deep within us, it strengthens Knowledge throughout the universe and throughout our world which is desperate for Knowledge, given its current condition and circumstances.

In my own practice it has helped me to remember that I don’t do this for myself… alone. Yes, I have received great benefits from this, but the practice in and of itself is to be of service to others.

It’s a cumulative kind of experience in a way, ah, not even just in a way, it is definitely a cumulative experience, there is greater intrinsic relationship… the memory of that… and I think that is what will be the salvation for humanity… when enough people can reclaim these relationships of destiny and reclaim what is our contribution, reclaim our contribution, little bit by little bit.

I am definitely not there, I am still in the process of reclaiming whatever contribution I have come here to give to the world at this particular threshold in time, as we are emerging into the Greater Community and as we are facing great and significant change as we have just recently seen, um… regarding our environment on the East Coast… the significant weather changes. Political and economic changes as well.

So this is the gift the Messenger has brought to us and, in that is the reverence that he is shown by his family, by those around him and those who have come to know him.

It is because he has carried this great gift and has devoted his life to receiving a New Message from God. In that regard we honor him greatly and feel a great connection to him… we bow down to that… that he gave his life to bring the New Message from God into the world that gives us the opportunity of reclaiming our authentic lives.

That is where the respect, the honor and the devotion come from… not because of his personality or his charming, you know, charismatic appearance… because that’s, that’s really actually not part of who he is.

He is a humble man who has undergone multiple thresholds in recognizing this is what he is bringing into the world. And, we as individuals go… also go through multiple thresholds in recognizing we are in greater service to the world, beyond what we think we are here to do and what we think we want in the world.

We have our own thresholds to face and our own contributions to make and it is that which unites us… in devotion and commitment to one another and to the world… and to the people of the world.”

Nasi Novare Coram

The Presence of the Teachers is with us…

Nasi Novare Coram is a great invocation that recognizes the Unseen Ones, or

Angelic Presence,  from the Greater Reality from which we have come.

This Greater Reality is not only of our world but of the Greater Community throughout the universe as a whole.

This invocation is a calling for their help and protection. If called on in true sincerity this provides the greater strength that we need when we are feeling afraid or endangered.

Open yourself to them for in this way you now represent the strength of Heaven.

From Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training – Step 30.

The New Message from God: The Potential of the Individual


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Video Text:

It’s a great honor to be able to speak about the New Message from God, to be able to speak about the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, and recognize that God has spoken again in the world.

And its a great honor to have come to this threshold, to have recognized that there is a New Message from God in the world, to take on the Teachings, to study Steps to Knowledge, to bring that into a daily practice in my life, to read the Sacred Texts and to listen to the Voice of Revelation.

Its pretty remarkable.

I have been thinking lately about the Revelations specific to the individual. On the New Message from God website,, there are twenty such Revelations for the individual, available to us, to you, to read the text, the Sacred text… to listen to the Voice of Revelation and to consider the state of our individuality and to also consider the potential of our individuality… the potential of our individual contribution and service to the world.

It’s a beautiful opportunity, unparalleled in our world today by anything else.

It is as if we are living 1,400 years ago when Muhammad was here and receiving a Revelation from God, and further, even further back in time when Jesus called the apostles and began to receive and deliver God’s Word.

That is what is happening in our world today.

And, unlike years past, today we have the opportunity, due to our technological advancement, in our evolution… technology… the actual Revelations are recorded as Marshall is called by the Angelic Presence to receive these.

We are living in a time of Revelation. It is a great blessing for the individual.

It is through each individual, responding either through their own religious tradition or through this New Revelation that will… that will be the promise for humanity, that will bring humanity into greater balance with greater wisdom, greater foresight.

The New Message is prophetic in putting the pieces together in terms of what our future will look like… and it is us, as individuals, who will impact that future.

And may more awaken to this greater power and potential within us called Knowledge, and may more come to this threshold of knowing the Messenger because it will… it will initiate something quite remarkable within you that we can then given to the world.

Thank you.

The Angel of Revelation Sees Muhammad


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Reed Summers shares the following experience of Revelation in relation to his father, the Messenger for our time, Marshall Vian Summers, and the previous Messenger, Muhammad. It is with great reverence that I share this with you here.

In a historic moment of recollection, the Angels of the New Message from God spoke of their direct memory of Muhammad centuries ago. This occurred as Marshall Vian Summers was receiving the revelation The Initiation which, according to Reed Summers who was in the room as it was received, was an unforgettable moment where the Angels honored and remembered God’s previous Messenger.

“It was life-shaking enough to be in the room as the Messenger received The Initiation, one of the most powerful revelations of the entire New Message from God. But I felt as if my heart stopped when the Angelic Presence began speaking about Muhammad. For a moment, the words coming through my father halted. His eyes were closed and his head down.

Suddenly my father’s face changed and in it I could see the identity of the Angel speaking. I could see the Angel in his face. Though Marshall’s eyes were closed, the Angel’s eyes were not. The angel turned my father to the left, extended his arms outward and squinted his closed eyes into the distance. “There he is, I see him now,” the Angel said pointing several feet away. “He is over there.” The Angel paused in clear recollection, Marshall’s hand shaking in the direction of Muhammad.

It shook me to my core. Not only was this a teaching about the humble demeanor and appearance of Messengers. It was an Angel of God, the same one who was present at that tea table 1,300 years ago, remembering a moment of looking upon Muhammad. Now that Angel was speaking through my Father, delivering the New Message from God, pausing to recall this moment, as if it had been forgotten for a millenium or more, only just now recovered.

To witness this with my own eyes, sitting about eight feet away, was a moment in history I will never forget.”

The direct transcript from The Initiation yields the exact words spoken that day, June 28, 2011.

“You were having tea at a table with Mohammad, but you did not know who he was. Well, he looks like anyone else. He is not radiating the Presence. He is not so magnificent or so omnipotent that everyone around him is swooned by his presence. He is just a man, dressed traditionally, just a man. There he is. I see him now. He is over here. Nothing special. He had to preach hard to even get people to listen to him. So blind was everyone around him, only a few could see. Such is the dilemma and the burden of the Messenger at any time of Revelation.”

Peace be upon all Messengers who have, who are now and who will again, bring a greater understanding and experience of the Divine and the will of God into the world.

The Great Love Made Manifest: Marshall Vian Summers


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The presence of Marshall Vian Summers is the demonstration of the Great Love made manifest in the world.

“…there is a New Message from God in the world, and love is part of its message.”

What is this Great Love that has sent a Messenger into the world to assist us, educate us and provide a pathway out of the suffering that attends our separation from God?

The answer lies within a deep, mysterious and still place, ever waiting… well below our personal mind, a deeper more expansive place of true communion still connected to the Great Love, which has never left God and is awaiting our return.

Marshall Vian Summers brings this pathway of redemption into a conflicted and preoccupied world.

He brings this pathway, and lovingly presents it to you, to me and to the average person everywhere. He holds this out before us. Asking only that we begin the journey humbly and simply; leaving our past judgements, expectations and assumptions at the gate.

Yet, this Great Love is often rejected. It is denied. People struggle with it. People treat it casually. People cast it aside. People angrily opposed it. Yet, it is for them. It is what they have been praying for.

Others, the visionaries and quiet rebels of today, miraculously respond to, receive and begin to live this Great Love. And in the receiving and living are laid bare and are born again… born into a new and greater life.  A life that can truly serve this conflicted world.

The Great Love is that big.

And one man, chosen and prepared by the Angels of God, carries this Great Love within him and is now giving it freely and openly.

We live at a time of Revelation.

A Messenger has been sent into the world. He is with us.

Receive him.

Receive the Great Love of the Messenger and The New Message from God.

Encampment 2012: Meeting the Messenger


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Students from around the world made the rare and highly anticipated pilgrimage to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to meet the Messenger of The New Message from God.

Approximately 70 people attended and they came from the far reaches of the world to hear the Messenger. They traveled from China, New Zealand, France, Puerto Rico, Spain, Canada, Malaysia, Germany and several US states.

Many came for the first time to see for themselves who this man is that is claiming to be God’s Messenger for our times. Others have known him for years.

Everyone left with an experience of the Messenger. The depths of their encounter with the Messenger are known only to them. But people were impacted. They had a direct experience and were changed by it.

Here are some comments from people who attended:

“I was deeply touched by the resonance of love. You organically felt love for people you never met before.” T, Florida

“I had feelings that I have not felt before, and in a very intense way. It was really important for me to share my experience with other students around the world, even if it was quite difficult for me to really shared deep experiences because of my English skills. It is more real to me now. It’s exciting. I feel less isolated now.” T, France

“At the Encampment I met one of the catering staff who was from Turkey. We talked in Turkish, he asked what this all was. I told him it is called the New Message from God. He said how warm and safe it felt in the Barclay with us here, that there was “something really good is happening here.” I could tell he was impacted by going in and out of the Encampment space to deliver the meals.” R, Colorado

“The song night was most powerful for me. It brought to me an experience, and therefore a clarity, of what this is about – freedom for humanity to experience and express it’s true relationship/love for each other and God.” G, Texas

“I was impressed by the sensitivity and strength of Marshall Vian Summers.” E, Spain

“I remember his compassion, his patience with everyone, even with those who didn’t know about the message, there is a word in English for this: forbearance, I was so inspired and I realized how harsh I was, so glad to see someone being able to express this with simplicity.” D, France

“At the Encampment, I experienced a very deep feeling of gratitude for Marshall Vian Summers and a profound appreciation of the energy, effort and care that it has taken for him to bring this message into the world. The hours upon hours upon hours. Getting out of bed from a deep sleep to respond to the call, walking to the sanctuary in the wee hours of the morning. Rain, snow, or moonlight nights he responded.” M, Colorado

“Since the Encampment I’ve started addressing him as the Messenger, the conversations sometimes come to a complete stop after that. But in my heart I feel these words are true and whole and I think they pick up on that as well. That I’m coming from a place of quiet truth.” S, Colorado

“Meeting Marshall and the other Students at the encampment has strengthen my relationship to the Message and the Messenger. I feel a stronger and deeper commitment, a growing Devotion.” K, California

“People are always trying to take issue with the Messenger to avoid considering what the Message is about…” M, France

“I am coming to know the Messenger in a different and deeper way by spending time with him in the Presence. I have known him for some years as the man of Knowledge who has brought this Revelation — and only sometimes as the Messenger. It feels very important for me to spend this time in his presence because there is a different, deeper knowing that comes.” D, Colorado

We are living at a time of Revelation and just a precious few are aware of this fact.

The environment of the Encampment of 2012 carried a greater promise for the Message and the Messenger being known to many more. Myself and others felt a greater movement within, individually and collectively, and a deep recognition of the humility, generosity and authenticity of the Messenger and the Society members and volunteers who support him.

“You have the opportunity to witness the Revelation, the process of Revelation, the clarification of the Revelation and the meaning of the Revelation for your life and for the whole world. For this is a Message for the whole world, not just for one tribe or one people or one nation or one region. It is not a revision of what has been given before. It is not a reaction to what has been given before. It is not adjunct to any teaching or theology that exists in the world. It is something new and revolutionary. It represents a great threshold and a great challenge for the human family.” From: Living at a Time of Revelation

Emerging into the Greater Community: Resisting the Intervention


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May all minds awaken to the power and presence of Knowledge within us. Let us become strong and knowledgeable regarding life in the Universe and let us wisely prepare for our future in the Greater Community.

Let Knowledge awaken objectivity, clarity and a real understanding of the motives of those present in our world. May Knowledge within guide and influence humanity for our greatest good.

Let us now unite and join together in the face of the Intervention. Let us forge human unity and cooperation for the preservation of our world. May we face our greatest threat and our greatest challenge with courage, compassion and wisdom.

May we recognize our greater spiritual power; a power that has the strength to unite humanity and ensure a future as a free and self-determined people. Let us now call upon the power of the Unseen Ones, the Angelic Presence, to help us gain perseverance, strength and encouragement.

Let us gain strength in Knowledge. Let us unite in resistance without anger or fear. And let us manifest this resistance through the power of Knowledge within us.

May we refuse the offerings and the persuasions of the Intervention. May the Intervention become known to enough people so it can no longer function in secrecy. May the minds and hearts of people everywhere not be turned by persuasion, seduction or intimidation.

When this is so, when we have refused, have exposed and have not turned and have become strong in Knowledge the Intervention has no power over us and must withdraw.

In the universe, Knowledge is the greatest power there is. We have this power. May we reclaim it and exercise it now. And in so doing, join those free races in the universe who await us.

This prayer for strength and Knowledge, in the face of emerging into the Greater Community, draws on the Teachings revealed by Marshall Vian Summers including revised excerpts from The New Message from God, The Allies of Humanity Briefings and Life in the Universe.

Life in the Universe: Book Review


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Marshall Vian Summers’ most recent book, Life in the Universe, is an expansive divinely inspired discourse on the complexities of living in the physical universe and what humanity now faces, including the spiritual strengths we must develop as the world emerges into a universe full of intelligent life.

Life beyond our world is described in great detail and with great compassion. Topics range from past visitation and the limits of space travel to the use of persuasion and influence in the mental environment rather than aggression to gain advantage. Life in the Universe also discusses creation and evolution in a manner that far surpasses our current scientific and religious understanding.

Some aspects of life and survival beyond our borders are similar to those here on earth but other aspects simply won’t meet the expectations of those lusting after a vast frontier to explore and conquer or of those hoping a benevolent race will come save a blissful and welcoming humanity. On the contrary, space is occupied, and the competition among intelligent races is significant. Humanity is now being asked to step up to the universal plate, become wise stewards of our world and face this greater environment with wisdom, discernment and greater clarity.

Several important chapters are devoted to God and spirituality within the Greater Community. God in this context is unfettered by human interpretation. Summers presents a potent spirituality practiced in its “essential form and taken to a high level of expression and experience” beyond the confines and distortions of any one people’s rituals, culture and history or even of any one world. In the Greater Community, God’s will is expressed and furthered by spiritually advanced individuals within our world and by spiritually advanced individuals and races in other worlds who are very different from ourselves.

What we get in Life in the Universe is a rare wake-up call and a powerful spiritual preparation. It spells out the challenge of developing our own inherent spiritual strength and responsibility regarding our emergence into our local region of space. This book provides a blueprint in which to grow beyond our hopes, dreams and preferences. The reality of life in the universe will likely fall short of people’s ideals and speculations. But why would we think the universe would supply what we want when our own world cannot?

Regarding humanity’s future in the Greater Community, Life in the Universe could be one of the greatest pivotal and visionary publications in human history. Its intention is to provide an education and a preparation beyond what humanity could imagine or what any one person could know about or conceive of alone. It is refreshing and brave.

Marshall Vian Summers, like visionaries and prophets of the past, holds open the door to an understanding beyond our current human perspective. Life in the Universe daringly pushes the boundaries… our boundaries to space, our boundaries to spirit and the boundaries of our own beliefs regarding what life should be like “out there.”

You can find more information here: Life in the Universe

Is Spirituality Different in Men and Women?


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Men and women are now being asked to learn to work together in ways that value each gender for their particular contributions and skills. In The New Message from God there are many teachings on the differences between men and women, but this is related to form and orientation mostly. Men live in male bodies; women live in female bodies. Each gender holds strengths and weaknesses.

“Men and women are different in their vehicles of expression, not in their spirituality.” Says Marshall Vian Summers in Relationships and Higher Purpose. “There is no masculine spirituality or feminine spirituality. There is spirituality expressed through the masculine, and there is spirituality expressed through the feminine. This is a very important distinction.”

Knowledge, the great endowment given to all intelligent life, does not vary in men and women, it is a uniform, complete and permanent connection to God. Only the expression of Knowledge varies related to gender and the individual’s unique nature.

So we are faced with our very flawed and human perspectives and cultural expectations regarding the roles and abilities of men and women.  This is that which needs addressing. This is the great need – to discover our individual purpose, meaning and direction in life for both men and women, not just for personal reasons but for the future of our world.

“All learning is about relationships,” continues Summers, “how to be in relationships, how to express yourself, how to work within relationships and how to contribute in relationships.”

Within greater relationships the recognition and allowance of the contributions of women beyond prescribed roles benefits men and women alike. It benefits the overall progress of humanity as we face a future that will require the creativity, insight and wisdom of all people.

A great threshold in the evolution of humanity stretches out before us. Within the context of greater relationships that allow for the emergence of the individual’s gifts, talents and contributions, lies the potential of our future.

Let us, men and women both, embrace and support the emergence of our inherent gifts. Let us grow strong in relationship. Let us grow strong in Knowledge.  Let us become what is held out to us as our greatest strength as we emerge into the Greater Community of life. Let us become a people united and developed in wisdom and vision and let us ultimately join with other free races who hold out great hope for us and see us very differently than we currently see ourselves.


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