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Students from around the world made the rare and highly anticipated pilgrimage to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to meet the Messenger of The New Message from God.

Approximately 70 people attended and they came from the far reaches of the world to hear the Messenger. They traveled from China, New Zealand, France, Puerto Rico, Spain, Canada, Malaysia, Germany and several US states.

Many came for the first time to see for themselves who this man is that is claiming to be God’s Messenger for our times. Others have known him for years.

Everyone left with an experience of the Messenger. The depths of their encounter with the Messenger are known only to them. But people were impacted. They had a direct experience and were changed by it.

Here are some comments from people who attended:

“I was deeply touched by the resonance of love. You organically felt love for people you never met before.” T, Florida

“I had feelings that I have not felt before, and in a very intense way. It was really important for me to share my experience with other students around the world, even if it was quite difficult for me to really shared deep experiences because of my English skills. It is more real to me now. It’s exciting. I feel less isolated now.” T, France

“At the Encampment I met one of the catering staff who was from Turkey. We talked in Turkish, he asked what this all was. I told him it is called the New Message from God. He said how warm and safe it felt in the Barclay with us here, that there was “something really good is happening here.” I could tell he was impacted by going in and out of the Encampment space to deliver the meals.” R, Colorado

“The song night was most powerful for me. It brought to me an experience, and therefore a clarity, of what this is about – freedom for humanity to experience and express it’s true relationship/love for each other and God.” G, Texas

“I was impressed by the sensitivity and strength of Marshall Vian Summers.” E, Spain

“I remember his compassion, his patience with everyone, even with those who didn’t know about the message, there is a word in English for this: forbearance, I was so inspired and I realized how harsh I was, so glad to see someone being able to express this with simplicity.” D, France

“At the Encampment, I experienced a very deep feeling of gratitude for Marshall Vian Summers and a profound appreciation of the energy, effort and care that it has taken for him to bring this message into the world. The hours upon hours upon hours. Getting out of bed from a deep sleep to respond to the call, walking to the sanctuary in the wee hours of the morning. Rain, snow, or moonlight nights he responded.” M, Colorado

“Since the Encampment I’ve started addressing him as the Messenger, the conversations sometimes come to a complete stop after that. But in my heart I feel these words are true and whole and I think they pick up on that as well. That I’m coming from a place of quiet truth.” S, Colorado

“Meeting Marshall and the other Students at the encampment has strengthen my relationship to the Message and the Messenger. I feel a stronger and deeper commitment, a growing Devotion.” K, California

“People are always trying to take issue with the Messenger to avoid considering what the Message is about…” M, France

“I am coming to know the Messenger in a different and deeper way by spending time with him in the Presence. I have known him for some years as the man of Knowledge who has brought this Revelation — and only sometimes as the Messenger. It feels very important for me to spend this time in his presence because there is a different, deeper knowing that comes.” D, Colorado

We are living at a time of Revelation and just a precious few are aware of this fact.

The environment of the Encampment of 2012 carried a greater promise for the Message and the Messenger being known to many more. Myself and others felt a greater movement within, individually and collectively, and a deep recognition of the humility, generosity and authenticity of the Messenger and the Society members and volunteers who support him.

“You have the opportunity to witness the Revelation, the process of Revelation, the clarification of the Revelation and the meaning of the Revelation for your life and for the whole world. For this is a Message for the whole world, not just for one tribe or one people or one nation or one region. It is not a revision of what has been given before. It is not a reaction to what has been given before. It is not adjunct to any teaching or theology that exists in the world. It is something new and revolutionary. It represents a great threshold and a great challenge for the human family.” From: Living at a Time of Revelation
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